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As a leading supplier of Magnetic products we recognise that the durability and thermal properties of these products will continue to create demand for many years to come.

Design for long life

Because of its high-quality insulation material, coil core and copper wire, control gear in the EC, OM and OG series achieve a maximum life of approximately 100,000 hours of operation, in other words about ten years of constant use at a winding temperature of 130 °C (tw = 130 °C). The winding temperature is the ambient temperature plus the increase in temperature due to the power consumption of the unit.

Constant high quality

Uniform high quality standards are guaranteed by the use of high-grade materials together with manufacturing processes certified to ISO:9001. Fully automatic manufacture also ensures constant reproducible quality. All the ballasts are subjected to 100% final testing and safety testing.

Eltad stocks a full range of Magnetic lighting solutions including: